James B. Rolle
Elementary School
Rolle Strong: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe
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News & Events

We will update this page often to give you the scoop on what's happening at Rolle. We'll report on celebrations, awards, events, news, and information. Great things are happening at Rolle!

Random Acts of Kindness Lessons

We are teaching random acts of kindness lessons each week. It is an expectation that students keep their hands to themselves and use kind words. We ask that you reinforce this at home also.

Right At School Program

The Right at School program is at James B. Rolle Elementary. Refer a friend to any Right at School program and receive a free week of tuition. The tuition credit will apply after the fourth week of attendance by the referred family. The family referred must mention your name at the time of enrollment to be eligible for the tuition credit. Please speak with the program manager for additional details. You can learn more about this program by visiting our Right at School website.

Together is Better Right at School Program