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James B. Rolle
Elementary School

Our School

James B. Rolle is a preK-5 elementary school. We are located at 2711 Engler Ave in Yuma, Arizona. We are all about inspiring students! Our entire staff supports and guides our students to make positive choices and to take responsibility for learning. Together, as a community, we lead by example—showing our kids that they have amazing worth and potential.

James B. Rolle is a proud member of the Yuma School District. The Yuma District operates thirteen elementary schools, three junior high schools, two middle schools, and is growing programs and resources every year.

We are an active part of the Yuma, Arizona, community. Yuma, with a population of approximately 110,000 full-time residents, is located on the southwestern tip of Arizona bordering California and the Republic of  Mexico. The Yuma community has a rich history and a diverse wealth of resources. We know that “valuing the differences” makes us a stronger community.

At James B. Rolle Elementary we are excited to bring together all the diverse resources of our community for the benefit and development of our students. Our kids deserve the best that our community can offer. The caring and dedicated group of teachers, staff, parents, and volunteers at Rolle work hard every day to ensure that your child is inspired, supported, and affirmed.